Jane S

Jane S- JP :-”I chose Arya Roofing from recommendations by Angie’s List patrons. The estimate was the most reasonable of several companies and all contact was prompt, as was the actual work done.  Ten Arya came immediately and patched a leak in my the roof beforehand - at no extra cost.The men began a day earlier than scheduled. Two days only –  and my roof and gutters are new and even improved!  I couldn’t be happier with the efficiency, friendliness and quality of the work.  The clean up was thorough. Ten’s suggestions and help went beyond the service he provided, and i have asked him back to install a new skylight – an unexpected benefit. Another added bonus was the 5% Angie’s List Member discount!!  I couldn’t figure out how to print out the coupon, but Ten trusted me and added the discount into the contract.  I strongly recommend Arya Roofing.  No qualifications. They are terrific”.

John Watertown

John-Watertown:-”Arya tore off all shingles on my two story roof and replaced them with new architectural shingles. Arya was one of 4 bids I received and Ten, the owner,came in with a good price. He set a deadline for work that was delayed a couple of days by lots of rain. When his crew showed up they attacked the place and finished all removal and half re-roofing in one day, and the rest of the roof the next day. They cleaned up very well, protected my tomato garden from any damage. Just did a great job”.

 Stefano Newton

Stefano- Newton:-”Arya Roofing, owned by the decent and meticulous Ten Arya, reroofed most of our 2-family condo last week.  The job consisted of reshingling two shingle mansards slopes and two flat roofs, one larger/higher and one lower smaller.  The flat roofs were replaced with slightly more expensive, but increasingly common, and longer lasting white rubber roofing.It went fantastically.  This is a decent and thorough and responsive man who worked well with us and drove hsi crew hard but treated them with respect –and it showed in the final result.

His crew were energetic, hard working and very well-tempered.  My wife works at home and remarked how nice it was to hear the crew on the roof laughing and joking as they stripped and hammered and hauled heavy material up and down long ladders.  They were friendly and polite to us.  They responded well to being treated nicely by their clients, and probably went the extra mile for us.
Again and again, there were moments where unforeseen problems arose, where they had to accommodate the insulation contractor or the 3rd contractor who was prepping the foundations for a deck on our neighbor’s side.  And those were the moments that many contractors would have kept quiet and cut corners, or blown smoke up my you-know-what.  Not Mr. Arya.  I could sometimes see the worry on his face at what it would cost him in time or his profit margins.  We discussed it, I understood his predicament, we negotiated with the other contractors, but it was all worked out quickly and honorably.
The stripping job was bigger than he’d .  There was a lot of old shingle and additional layers of old rubber and tar paper he hadn’t bargained on.  He had to bring in a 2nd dumpster as a result.  He didn’t charge me for that.  There were no cost overruns.  He accommodated our neighbor when she reversed herself a couple of times on the installation of a skylight and did it patiently and politely.  When they were done, and the new white roof was scuffed and marked by the old tar that was on the crew’s boots, he had them  go up the day after they were done and wipe the roof down with solvent to clean it.
I spent two years –not by design but perforce– researching roofing work and spoke to many contractors, including contractor friends who advised me behind the scenes.  I saw how sloppily and wrongly the previous contractor’s roof work was.  This newly-minted roof is a thing of beauty.
Winter hasn’t come yet, it’s true, and who knows, there may be some nasty surprises, but I really, really doubt it.  Plus, he repeatedly said that he would come back if any problems arose and not to hesitate to call.
Great contractors are precious.  I have no choice but to spread the word about him. I recommend him and his crew without reservations.”


David Somerville

David- Somerville:-”Arya roofing replaced the roof of a 5 unit condo association.  This was the first time the roof on the units has been replaced and the previous roof was 28 years old.The project went extremely well from start to finish.  I received quotes from four other vendors prior to selecting Arya for the work.  Arya was the middle option in terms of price (not the cheapest or the most expensive) and was selected based on the professionalism demonstrated during the quoting process and other reviews on Angies list.  The owner (Ten) was by far the most complete in his quote (in terms of making sure I understood all the different aspects of the work that would be performed), and extremely professional during the myriad questions that followed the initial quote.

This same level of professionalism continued while the work was actually completed.  The work started exactly (literally to the minute) when it was supposed to and was completed well within the time expectation that was set.  Additionally, the work came in exactly as quoted in terms of cost.
I would highly recommend Arya Roofing to others.”

Ben Somerville

Ben- Somerville:-”I contacted Arya Roofing to have someone go up on the roof of a new home I was purchasing.  The inspector wouldn’t go on the roof due to the height and slope of the roof but guessed the roof looked fine.  I contacted Arya Roofing and said I wasn’t interested in doing more than just having someone go on my roof and let me know how it looked and what if any improvements were needed.  They came out when they said they would, climbed right up on the roof and took pictures.  The roof turns out was in good shape and is relatively new.  I tried to pay the person for their time and they would not take any money and kept saying estimates are free.   There was no estimate because there was nothing needing work.  But I felt very bad that I couldn’t pay him for his time.  They were very nice, courteous and professional.  When my roof does need work I will call Arya. I was very pleased with their honesty and felt bad that they would not take money for their time”.